Off to market?

Here’s a fun rumor…

Reader Harold Mellor points out that Yankee fans aren’t quite letting go of their desire to see Daisuke Matsuzaka pitch in New York.’s fan blog has the following from a from an “informed and reasonable” source:

Okay guys, here’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine on this…The Red Sox will hold out trying to lowball Dice-K [Matsuzaka]. And when I say hold out, I mean to the point where it becomes it was obvious just a blocking maneuver to keep him from the Yankees. He wants $15Mx3Y, sox are offering 8Mperx4Y, “oceans apart”. I’ve been told that if the Sox knew the Mets had the second highest bid ($38M), higher than the Yankees ($32M), they never would have bid $51.11 to win him. That comes from a very good source. Moreover, what I heard from the same source who is close to negotiations that what will happen is that Selig, Boras, and Seibu have a deal in place, where Boras pays Seibu $25 mil (1/2 the Red Sox bid) and he owns the rights to Matsuzaka, and puts him on the market BY X-MAS for the highest bidder, and Selig has signed off on it…

Hmm. We’re going to call shenanigans on this one. Particularly considering MLB already said Larry Lucchino’s request to have Seibu reduce the posting price was not a proper part of the process. I hardly think the league would be OK with Boras putting up $25 mil for a bidding war. Then again, if the Red Sox don’t strike a deal, there is going to be a whirlwind of controversy surrounding their true intentions, however sincere they may be.


However, the Yankees are thinking about Matsuzaka next season all the same, showing interest in Julio Zuleta, a former Cubs player who has had a certain amount of success against the starter in Japan. As Tyler Kepner writes: “According to his agent, Gene Casaleggio, he has hit seven home runs and batted .273 against Daisuke Matsuzaka.”

I guess you could consider this the Mike Myers presence for David Ortiz, just in reverse.