Island time

Want some more salt for that yet-to-heal wound?

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune suggests that Bears coach Lovie Smith wasn’t just rooting for the Colts to beat the Patriots Sunday because it would mean a week of going back-and-forth with his good buddy, Indy coach Tony Dungy. He was rooting for the Colts because he knew his team had no shot against New England.

“The Bears can beat the Colts. They couldn’t say that with as much certainty about the New England Patriots,” Haugh writes. “The Patriots posed bigger problems because of the big-game panache of Tom Brady, the brains of Bill Belichick and a 3-4 defense the Bears have found harder to read than hieroglyphics.
“The Colts, ever dangerous, nevertheless present a better matchup for the Bears because of a vulnerable run defense, spotty kickoff coverage and struggling quarterback play of late—by Peyton Manning standards.”
Not that it’s anything earth-shattering, as everyone across America would have tabbed the Patriots favorites in Super Bowl XLI, just another reminder of what New England gave away on Sunday.
Personally, at this point I’m more interested in watching Bill Belichick coach against Sean Payton in this year’s Pro Bowl. You just know after Payton’s comments about how he thought San Diego would beat New England, Belichick is pulling out all the stops. Will they shake hands? Will he talk to LaDanian Tomlinson? Will he go with a gray Hawaiian shirt? Forget Peyton’s quest, this is drama.
I do have to wonder though how many Pats beat writers are using this as an excuse this week to expense a trip to Hawaii. Finally, a reason to cover the Pro Bowl. Brilliant.