Fish story

Did he or didn’t he?

It was just the second spring start for Daisuke Matsuzaka yesterday, but he already had the opposition buzzing about his supposed signature pitch.

“I saw the gyroball,” Marlins minor-league first baseman Jason Stokes told the Palm Beach Post after Matsuzaka tossed two shutout innings against Florida yesterday. “It’s like a split-finger — downward angle, maybe runs in a little bit.”

Joe Borchard saw something too, but has apparently also been on the moon for the past six months.

“What is a gyroball?” he asked after describing a couple of pitches he saw that were sort of like change-ups, but not really.


Jeremy Hermida told Mike Beradino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he saw a nifty pitch from the righty as well.

“I don’t know if the gyro was what I was seeing, but I was seeing something that’s kind of like a split-finger changeup. It’s tough to describe. I just know I didn’t pick up the spin.”

Gyroball? Or just a good split-fingered changeup?

Of course, I imagine folks who travel to Loch Ness try their darndest to see something in the lake, too.