Oh, baby

I admit, as far as baseball movies go, I continued to get at least a little misty-eyed at the end of “Field of Dreams,” through a couple dozen or so viewings. Think what you may of the classic flick, schlock or inspirational, it can not be denied that few films have brought modern day men to tears the way Dreams did when Ray Kinsella had a little catch with his dead father.

But in her ranking of the top Hollywood Red Sox fans (10 guesses who’s No.1), E! Online blogger Caroline Kepnes admits she might be the only person ever to get emotional without the aid of laughter at a Farrelly Brothers movie.

4. The Farrelly Brothers Two words: Fever Pitch. I cry every time I watch it. I love that it’s a time capsule.


You have to think Nick Hornby cries too, at least at the sight of Jimmy Fallon.

But back to the No. 1 Sox fan, who it will come as no surprise is Ben Affleck. (Michael Chiklis doesn’t make the list, which frankly makes us frightened for Caroline.) We are, of course, just days away from the highly anticipated, “Red Sox Baby: Raising Tomorrow’s Red Sox Fan Today,” a DVD narrated by Matt Damon’s best friend aimed at teaching your baby how to be a Sox fan. Because, you’re never too young for your membership card in Red Sox Nation.

From Team Baby Entertainment.com

You love your kids, you love your family and you love your Boston Red Sox! Now you can combine them all with this exciting new Team Baby Entertainment DVD. Featuring Officially Licensed footage of the superstars of The Boston Red Sox, Wally the mascot & legendary Fenway Park along with a grand slam view of the sights, sounds, traditions & colors of The Boston Red Sox, RED SOX BABY combines all the great things you love about the team — show stopping players, amazing homeruns, blazing fast pitches, team mascot, traditions and stadium — with all the things you want your young fans to learn — numbers, letters, shapes, colors, & more.


Finally. Teaching infants the Red Sox way. About time the team invaded this realm of our everyday life, isn’t it? I’d feel fine plopping my kid down in front of this for an hour, safe with the knowledge that there’s no subliminal message whatsoever.

On the bright side though, if you tried doing this pre-2004, you’d have DSS knocking on your door.