Peyton of Japan

We were kind of hoping for a repeat performance of Curt Schilling’s acclimation to the Boston language in the memorable Dunkin’ Donuts commercial the hurler did upon his arrival here, but no Dice, apparently.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, proving to be the Peyton Manning of Japan, has another commercial – this one for Nike – debuting in his native land today, the day before his first major league start.

More from the press release:

The new commercial, which characterizes the many pressures that face the young Matsuzaka, features imagery of fans around the world preparing for Matsuzaka’s first U.S. start. The commercial opens with a pair of Japanese kids waking up in the middle of the night to watch Matsuzaka take the mound. It will be 3:10 a.m. Friday morning in Japan when Matsuzaka takes the mound Thursday night in Boston. Throughout the commercial there are shots depicting the throngs of Japanese and American media that Matsuzaka faces on a daily basis, fans of opposing teams that will have to face the young pitcher throughout the season and Boston Red Sox fans with high expectations for their newest star.

The commercial, produced by Wieden & Kennedy Japan, ends in the Boston Red Sox locker room where Matsuzaka takes a deep breath in front of his locker before flashing his famous smile and heading to the mound.

Yet, still no American-based Matsuzaka commercials have hit the airwaves. Then again, it would be difficult to imagine him trying to explain some rule of the game to those two kids from Sullivan Tire who keep pestering Terry Francona. Imagine the looks on their faces.