The big hurt

So, Roger Clemens will be making almost $9,000 for every pitch he throws this season, but at this point, that’s likely a relative bargain for the Yankees.

Consider the case of Carl Pavano, who the Yankees want to seek a third opinion on his injured shoulder. Over parts of just two seasons (2005, ’07), New York’s oft-injured investment, signed to a four year, $39.95 million deal prior to the ’05 season, has thrown just 1,704 pitches (1,552 in ’05, only 152 this season) over the course of the deal. That’s a neat little sum of $23,444 per pitch the Yankees have devoted thus far into Pavano.

Pavano is doing even better in ’07 for himself: $65, 789 per pitch, and could be done for the season.


Just to emphasize how bad that is (as if you couldn’t grasp the point), disabled brother in arms Matt Clement, signed to a three-year, $25.5 million deal by the Red Sox the same winter has tossed a total of 4,344 pitches (3,182 in ’05, 1,162 in ’06) to the tune of $5,870 per pitch.