Viva l’Orioles

Surviving Grady today points to Baltimore fan sports blog “The Loss Column” planning a “Take Back the Yard” campaign for Orioles fans when the Red Sox are in town Sept. 8.

Here’s what’s going to happen. The Red Sox come back here September 6-9 for three games. I’m going to leverage the Loss Column in every way I can between now and then to organize an outing on Saturday, September 8th. We’re going to go to the game, wear O’s colors, support the home team, and make life hell in every (legal) way we can for Red Sox fans.

We’re going to start the evening out by spending some money at a local establishment or two. We’re going to go to the game and root like there’s no tomorrow. Then we’re going to close the night by spending some more money at another local establishment.

That’ll show ‘em. To sum up, they are going to spend money at a local establishment (or two). Root for the home team and then spend more money at a different local establishment. Yikes. Might want to cancel those plane reservations now.

In a follow-up, they declare the following will occur on that date.

  • Vigorous rooting for the home team
  • Taunting of Red Sox fans
  • Taunting of Red Sox players
  • Generalized boisterousness and revelry

    Vigorous rooting? Boisterousness? My goodness, Sox fans do try to stay away from this madhouse. Not that I’m a revolutionary sort of guy but if there ever was a reason to form a coup, I’d want this guy in charge. If only for the fact that everyone else would probably just lose interest in their differences and just hit the casinos together or something.