Jacoby Ellsbury has about as much chance of cracking tonight’s lineup against lefty CC Sabathia as we do of going through 20 minutes without hearing Dane Cook sound as if he’s pushing a gall stone when he grunts “The Cleveland IN-dians.” But that hasn’t stopped Red Sox fans from petitioning Terry Francona to do what was somewhat more obvious the previous seven postseason games.

The petition at had about 70 signatures as of 11:15 this morning, and based on the comments, folks have just about had enough of all this silliness.

  • Love Jacoby
  • I love Me Some Gabe Kapler! Bring him Back!
  • He’s got it all
  • Put him in and save the day!
  • Ellsbury is the next Pedroia. Give him the chance. Put Cora in for Lugo while you’re at it. And Bobby K too.
  • Do it for the FANS!
  • pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
  • beckett’s injured, we have no starters who can get past the 5th inning, our pets heads are falling off… terry, throw us a bone and start jacoby.
  • This guy will be the next Dave Roberts to spark the Sox to win the next 3!

    And Francona thinks the fans can be irrational.