GWAR on sports

Everybody else in the world has had an opinion lately on the dominance of the Boston sports scene, but I know what you were thinking: When is thrash metal going to latch on?

Your wait is over. caught up with GWAR member Oderus Urungus, who was in town over the weekend in Worcester, and spouted off on the filthy riches that are the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics these days. Well, maybe not so much the Celtics since he hears Kevin Garnett “might be coming here.”

Still, we’d like to see Urungus and Don Shula* go at it in a PTI sort of forum just for kicks. Except there’s the very real possibility Urungus might up and eat the former Dolphins coach.


Side note on GWAR: In college, my freshman year roommate liked to set his boom box on MAX and wake up to the soothing sounds of the metal band. I came closer to a heart attack on each of those early mornings than I did with four years of late night pizza combined.

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