Coming, Mommy

When Bill Belichick says “jump,” you tend to jump. National TV is apparently no factor.

In case you missed it, following last night’s 31-28 win over the Eagles, Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker abruptly cut short his interview with NBC’s Andrea Kremer, telling her that he was being summoned by the HC. Awful Announcing managed to find the clip.

“He’s the one man I take in front of you,” Welker said. So, there’s the order of importance:

1. Belichick
2. Kremer
3. Brady?

Al Michaels doesn’t seem amused with the interruption, lampooning Welker with “Coming, Mommy.” Funny. But mess with “Mommy” and you get grounded. Sort of like Laurence Maroney, for whatever reason. We’re sure Welker doesn’t want any of that.


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