Dog gone baseball

The mystery has been solved. Sort of.

Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon tells the Hattiesburg American what happened to the ball that served as the final out of the 2007 World Series.

“My dog ate it.”

That’s the same story Papelbon told NESN’s Kathryn Tappen just a few weeks back, so if he’s joshing around, at least he’s being consistent in the matter:

“He plays with baseballs like they are his toys. His name is Boss,” Papelbon told the paper. “He jumped up one day on the counter and snatched it. He likes rawhide. He tore that thing to pieces. Nobody knows that. I’ll keep what’s left of it.”


Not to go all Mitchell on Papelbon, who lives in the Hattiesburg, Miss. area during the offseason, but we’re going to need some documented evidence here. Otherwise, we’re calling shenanigans.

As for what prompted the closer to now famously jig on the lawn of Fenway the night his team clinched the AL East: “We were messing around in the locker room waiting for the Yankees to finish their game,” Papelbon said. “We won the AL East for the first time in 12 years. We were drinking a couple glasses of milk, and I got a little tipsy after those glasses of milk. We were like kids playing a game. I first danced in the locker room, then I took it out to the field.”

Milk. Who knew?

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