Cheat sheet

In case you haven’t kept up with the offseason happenings of Tony Dungy, perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that the Colts coach is lending his likeness to a new video game, NFL Head Coach 09, in which EA Sports hopes “to help usher in a smarter generation of football fans, fans who can design their own plays, run a draft, balance the salary cap, and take a downtrodden team to Super Bowl glory.” Matt Millen has ordered multiple copies for the entire front office.

In an interview with, (via The Big Lead) Dungy was asked about some of the features of the game:


GameTap: Are there going to be any cheat codes in the game where I can spy on my opponents?

Tony Dungy: [laughs] I don’t know about any cheat codes. They say that’s really a big secret around here, it’s like Spygate. I don’t know if they put that in there or not or what the penalty would be if you entered any cheat codes, but we’ll probably only let New England have cheat codes.

Fine. As long as there’s also a feature where you can whine to the league about defensive rule changes.

In other, “Can this offseason get any worse?” news, you may have seen these already, but I’m convinced the top one should serve as the ultimate motivational tool for 2008. I’d love to see Richard Seymour and that clown throw down.




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