Road attraction

Shouldn’t they come in pink?

I understand why Volvo would want to sell its new limited edition Red Sox cars in a bright red, but based on the target audience, I’d tend to suggest the cars should have been produced in a variety of colors to match the chapeaus of the “alternative” hats who plunk down $30,000 to drive around in one.

The Providence Journal’s Art Martone suggests, “If you’re not yet sick of all the corporate synergy, maybe this will do it.” Indeed. Unless this thing comes with a GPS system that directs me with the aid of Sherm Feller’s voice, please count me out.


Frankly, there’s nothing special about the car. It’s red. It has logos affixed to the sides of the bumper, a large, transparent decal in the back window and special floor mats you can probably pick up at Auto Zone for $19.95. Now if you got a Fenway parking pass along with the thing for your money, we might talk.

Coming off their second World Series title in four years, we should expect that the Red Sox are going to be knee-deep in corporate sponsorship. Presumably, the only partnership the franchise has rejected over the years is one with the New York Yankees. That doesn’t mean that Hank Steinbrenner is about to give up, floating the idea that the two rivals would be business partners one day down the line. Business partners. Carlton Fisk is not impressed. Imagine Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez on the same Yawkey Way billboard pushing Snapple. Maybe they’ll play Dirty Water at Yankee Stadium after a Red Sox win; Sinatra after the Yankees beat the Sox at Fenway. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a world any of us want to be a part of.

On a related note, it sure was nice of NESN to wait a whole inning and a half during their first spring training broadcast of the year last Friday to remind me that I still don’t want to watch “Sox Appeal.” Can’t wait for five more months of that nonstop.

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