Bus stop

I’m not sure I get the part that explains why exactly if the Dodgers were expecting 115,000 fans to show up for Saturday night’s exhibition at the Los Angeles Coliseum, they figured only 5,000 would take advantage of the free shuttle service from Chavez Ravine.

As it turned out, the 40 buses on hand weren’t exactly conducive for the 35,000 or so that arrived at Dodger Stadium, forcing a late addition of 60 more buses. Some fans reportedly waited more than two hours. The last buses arrived at the Coliseum around 8:30 p.m., 90 minutes after first pitch.

Among the comments posted on the Los Angeles Times’ LA Now blog: “Mr. McCourt, great idea, poor execution. You have some some good ideas on how to improve the fan experience, but each one, the Coliseum game, zone parking, tiered seating prices, Grady Little, have all been undone by the lack of proper planning and follow-through. You may also be losing legitimate fans in the process.”


Grady Little, undone by the lack of proper planning and follow-through. Who knew?

I’ll bet the fans who waited in line for buses all day though really appreciated it when “Sweet Caroline” boomed through the Coliseum’s loudspeakers. How’s that for proper planning?

Fox’s Bryan Biederman was at the game and captures some of the sights (Fred Dryer!) and sounds of the historic event.

TV comedy writer Ken Levine notes the certain testy atmosphere at the Coliseum (“There were isolated fights but if you jam 115,000 people into a Barbra Streisand concert you’re going to have violence.”) but really, it’s the following picture that screams…well, something.


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