Child labor

Could any one statement possibly sum up Alex Rodriguez more succinctly than what his wife revealed about the birth of their first child?

“As tough and big as he seems, he is real wimpy around doctors or any type of medical situation,” Cynthia Rodriguez said. “I was, like, not even having a baby; he was the one. The one nurse had a cold cloth on his head, the other nurse had the blood pressure on his arm and my mother was like rubbing his back — and he is passed out on a couch.

“And I am there, in the middle of labor, and really, I am not being paid much attention to besides the doctor and a couple of nurses. And he is there, moaning. In between pushing, I am going, ‘Honey, are you OK?’ And are you breathing? Are you OK?'”

What a rock. Rodriguez also wound up 10 minutes late for the birth of his second child last month, proving once again that…ah, the joke’s too easy. Envisioning A-Rod passed out while being fanned and fed grapes while his wife screams out from the agony of birth is just too perfect.

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