Sneeze attack

Well, now we know the reason why the Celtics are so dominant at home. The opposition can’t handle the brutal elements of the New England springtime.

Forget bringing Gino, the dancers, or any other Garden element on the road to Cleveland Friday in an attempt to finally win a road playoff game. Just spread some old-fashioned New England-style pollen on the court and watch the magic happen. Like the red dust in “V.”

Turns out that some Cleveland players have been avoiding the great outdoors in Boston for fear of what the local pollen flavor might do to their allergies.


Writes Brian Windhorst of the Beacon Journal:

Boston is known as being an allergy capital this time of year, and it has certainly seized on several Cavs players who are susceptible. Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West all have battled various symptoms while on the road in this series, and it prompted the team to take some steps to battle the issue.

”I’m not going outside at all. Our hotel is near the Boston Common so I’m just going from the hotel to the bus,” Szczerbiak said. ”You want to avoid taking medication if you can because it can make you drowsy, so I’m just trying to avoid the pollen.”

Friday’s pollen forecast in Cleveland calls for a medium-high level of 8.2. But Sunday’s probable Game 7 in Boston will be played at a pollen level of 9.3, also considered medium-high. In the bag.

The bad news? Detroit is ranked among today’s worst pollen cities on, so the Pistons will probably be ready for the brutal elements.

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