Out of line

I had less of a problem with the context of the comment than I did the actual wording.

It just didn’t make any sense.

Let’s try, “Rooting for the Celtics is like chewing gum while standing on one leg and petting a sleeping cow.” Even that statement is a little more comprehendible.

Regardless, ESPN suspended columnist Jemele Hill yesterday for a comment over the weekend that equated rooting for the Celtics with saying that Hitler was a victim and hoping Gorbachev would beat Reagan to the button. OK.

Last night, on her personal blog, Hill responded to the suspension, saying, “Times like these you know who has your back and who doesn’t.” Hill writes that everything regarding the matter will be addressed at a later time, but she does respond to some of the criticism she has received, presumably from Celtics fans:


“If you’re going to call me a racist and you want your point to stick, it kinda levels the argument when you follow it up by calling me the n-word. Just a little bit.”

Gee, you think?

What Hill wrote was dumb – in that it, again, didn’t make much sense – but comments like the ones she’s claiming to receive should only fuel any fire she has burning against the Celtics and their fans. No matter what, she certainly doesn’t deserve to endure those sorts of words.

Certainly there are lowlifes in every fan base (ask any number of repairing North Station-area businesses about that after the other night), but it seems a few particular Celtics fans took this prime opportunity to make their own disgusting view of race a priority. And while WBCN may think it’s doing Boston a world of good by standing up for the city and Don Imus in demanding that she be fired, read some of the comments on Hill’s blog and you tell me how good their listeners are making Celtics fans look. Utterly repulsive.

If she does indeed decide to address the situation at a later time, the fear is that after hearing from a select few despicable among the general Celtics-loving public, she’ll have ammo on hand to actually make her comments make some semblance of sense.

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