Just go away…

You know what we don’t “deserve?” This.

Any of this.

Trade him for a pair of prospects and a coupon good for a free stack of waffles (after 2 p.m.) at Bickfords for all I care at this point. Just do something. Anything to rid us of the headache that is L’affaire Manny Ramirez.

Jason Bay. Michael Bay. Willow Bay. Buzzards Bay. Whatever. I’m seriously not sure I can take another 2-3 months of Ramirez whining about his payday in lieu of helping his teammates win another World Series. Thanks for the memories and all, Manny, but this has to end.


In the latest sign that he’s either more clueless or brilliantly savvier than we ever gave him credit for, Ramirez told ESPN Deportes yesterday that the Red Sox “don’t deserve a player like me.” He’s right. They sure as hell don’t.

No team deserves to be sabotaged by its star thanks not only to his annual hissy fit, but because his lucriferous agent is likely pulling the strings on the marionette stage up in the Green Monster seats. While the rest of his mates are out trying (and not very well, at that) to win games, there’s the disenchanted left fielder, who can’t get by on $168 million.

“The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martínez, and now they do the same with me,” Ramirez continued. “Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy.”

Hey, guess what, Manny, you ARE the bad guy here. And just to set the record straight, Garciaparra turned down a $60 million deal only to pout through the first four months of the 2004 season before finally being traded – a landmark deal that you might remember, sparked your first World Series run. Pedro? The Red Sox didn’t want to go the fourth year that the Mets were willing to provide. This, mind you, a season after John Henry approved the $17.5 million option on his contract a year early.


In fact, come to think of it, they did the exact opposite of what they’re doing with you. They actually wanted those guys.

They no longer want you, and now, thanks to the recent fortnight of having to put up with your latest whims the fans are increasingly turning their backs on you as well. Here’s a hint, comparing yourself to the egomaniacal Brett Favre doesn’t exactly win you much favor anywhere with anyone. Sports fans would give anything for that soap opera to just go away.

Same with you.

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