Short hops

Quick hits while reluctantly putting away the skis…

  • Something tells me Mike Komisarek is going to be one hurtin’ hockey player about 11 seconds into Game 2.
  • Boy, yesterday was like one of those old days of Celtics past, when nothing but bad news leaked out of the team’s headquarters. First, Doc Rivers announced that Kevin Garnett is likely gone for the playoffs, then we learn that Danny Ainge suffered a heart attack. I’d like to say I’m one of those who somehow believes they can still pull this off based on the strength of “heart” and “intangibles,” but I’m truly one of the masses who is waving good-bye to any sort of chance at a repeat.
  • Can we please stop whining about the fact that the Red Sox are in last place? This month has taken knee-jerk reaction to a whole other level.

  • It’s tough to root for the Jets, but heck if I can’t feel a soft spot for their new punter.
  • If you’ve yet to read Neil Swidey’s piece on Jerry Remy, run, don’t walk.
  • I want to know what kind of dirt Cris Collinsworth has on Dick Ebersol, and I want to know now. At this point, if Collinsworth wanted The Tonight Show, you’d have to think someone at NBC would hand it over to him.
  • ESPN’s NFL Schedule Release Special? Really?
  • Red Fisher on B’s-Habs.

    You have to know that some people in this city have their priorities twisted out of shape when you see one of the city’s buses idling in Côte St. Luc with a sign flashing “Go! Canadiens! Go!
    Get real, folks: it’s only a number of hockey games involving the Canadiens and the Bruins. Seems to me there are a lot more important things to worry about, such as putting food on the table in homes where so many people have lost their jobs during an economic crisis that is likely to get worse before it gets better.

    Uh, buzzkill?
    This, of course is on the same page that includes a story noting how Habs fever seems to be DOA for this series. So, maybe they’re just preparing for what they perceive as the inevitable north of the border.

  • This from Surviving Grady (my choice for best Red Sox blog in the New England Sports Blog Awards, where you can also vote for, ahem, others): Doug Mirabelli has started his second career as a realtor. Or, has he?
    Red seemed to have some doubts of his own, “In this age of Photoshop, space cars and celery-powered pajamas, I honestly can’t tell if this is true or part of some conspiracy to take down whoever’s funding all those [expletive] Tyler Perry movies.” Seems he might have been on target, as the original link no longer works. So, is Mirabelli really selling houses? And if so, is there any way in the name of all things holy we can get him on “House Hunters?”
  • I’m new to all this, but my favorite sports Twitterer thus far is Barry Zito. Jed Lowrie, whose latest update reads simply, “i’m on the DL” recently gave away tickets to one lucky follower, then didn’t give tickets away to one lucky follower. “my aegent [sic] said i’m not allowed to give out tix. sorry man.”
    Paul Pierce does not approve.
  • Big fan of The Shed brewery in Stowe, Vt., but while Tim Wakefield was no-hitting the A’s Wednesday afternoon, every TV in the bar was showing soccer. Just sayin’.
  • Bergy was one smart hamster:

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