Waiting, not ready

Well, here’s a seemingly different way to break down Scott Walker’s sucker-punch on Aaron Ward in last night’s Game 5 win by the Bruins over the Hurricanes: Blame Ward.

Bob McKenzie of TSN.com writes, “As strange as this may seem, there’s the culture of the NHL and there’s the culture of fighting in the NHL. And that culture says that when Scott Walker grabs you and rears back, you don’t leave your hands at your side and you don’t take a punch in the face, as Aaron Ward did. Yes, it’s blaming the victim to the nth degree and that’s not right in normal society but it’s the culture of the NHL.”


Uh-huh. Ward reportedly suffered a broken orbital bone from the incident, and Walker is up for a possible Game 6 suspension. Unless, of course, the NHL takes into account the McKenzie rule.

Here’s the call on TSN. “Ward wasn’t ready.”

Andy Brickley had a saner reaction on Versus.

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