Bearded wisdom

If you’re not down yet with “The Beard of Truth” then…well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it.

In any case, the latest episode of this Kevin Youkilis-tribute web site is on a mission to get the Red Sox first baseman’s intro music switched to the Bob Seger classic, “Night Moves,” because, “Right now it seems like he typed in ‘misunderstood white kid from Ohio’ into Pandora and walked away to get a beer.”

The Beard has set up a Facebook page, “1,000,000 Strong for “Night Moves” as Youk’s batting song.” It currently only has 116 members. Well, 117 now.


“Watch out American League, we’re going to do this. We’re going to ‘Night Moves’ your face.”

In other news, the inevitable marriage of Jam’N 94.5 and NESN is finally upon us, as morning DJ Ramiro Torres is set to join the Red Sox post-game show. Who didn’t see THAT coming a mile away?

Rumors that Dale Dorman has inked a deal to do the pre-game are unfounded.

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