Short hops

Just some quick items of note as we head into the weekend…

  • Former Globe sorrespondent Justin Rebello had the line of the night in summing up John Smoltz’s first start for the Red Sox last night: “Smoltzuzaka?”
  • In breaking down 2009’s free agent busts, SI’s Tim Marchman brings us the 2009 resume of one of the nominees, old friend Edgar Renteria:

    Thirty-three and a mediocre defender with an unreal amount of wear on his treads, he has had one year in the last six in which he was something more than a decent hitter, and is thus exactly the sort one doesn’t want to tie on to. So of course the San Francisco Giants, who have made a cult of this class of player, signed him for two years and $18.5 million, and have been rewarded by the sight of Renteria trying to keep his slugging average and OBP above .300.

    Beautiful. It’s interesting to note that this is the first season since dealing Renteria to Atlanta after the 2005 season that the Red Sox aren’t paying him not to start for them. They also happen to be paying Julio Lugo not to start for them.

  • Peter Gammons breaks down why exactly the Red Sox are likely not in the market for a shortstop as the trading deadline nears:

    “As much speculation as there has been about the Red Sox trading pitching for a shortstop, look at the Red Sox’s shortstops versus the league average:”


  • Danny Ainge on Rajon Rondo last night: “All those trade rumors are just a bunch of bull. I’m not trading Rondo.’’
    OK, good. Still, is anybody else just plain confused at this point?
  • Too young to have had a Farrah Fawcett poster; more of an Elle MacPherson/Kathy Ireland SI swimsuit cover era.
  • Is Michael Jackson the most famous musical artist death? Only John Lennon, Elvis, and Bob Marley can possibly compare. But Jackson’s worldwide popularity probably gives him the nod. Of course, one could argue that his death could be the most polarizing music death we’ve seen.
    Fawcett and Jackson on the same day. It seemed a lot like that afternoon in 1990 when both Sammy Davis Jr. and Jim Henson passed away, no?
  • Dave Roberts, we love ya man, but…it’s not your fault, I suppose. If anyone at NESN expected someone who has zero TV experience to walk in and master the craft right out of the gate, well that would have been a foolish assumption.
    But that being said, this is my favorite part of today’s Globe interview with Dennis Eckersley: “It’s just not for everyone. But sure, I’d definitely consider going on more road trips.”
    This will no doubt please my wife, as she won’t have to witness me nodding off around 7:53 p.m. when the Sox are on the road.
  • Speaking of Roberts, there’s plenty to be said about John Kerry’s nauseating appearance in the NESN booth Tuesday night, but it was best summed up, as per usual, by the kids at Surviving Grady: “If John Kerry has to show up in the NESN booth, it should only be to ask Dave Roberts what kind of sandwich he wants, and then to fetch it.”
    Until then, we’ll just sit and wait for the Sox and Cubbies to some day meet in the “playoffs”.

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