Nobody better than Beckett

Forget the Zack Greinke controversy. Should Josh Beckett have started tonight’s All-Star Game?

Obviously, after tossing a complete game on Sunday, that was never really an option for AL manager Joe Maddon. But had the Red Sox ace been on regular rest, he probably should have been in the discussion.

One Kansas City columnist, who begins by supporting Roy Halladay as the starter, then admits maybe it should have been Greinke, finally switches gears to Beckett by looking at the righty’s numbers from the second quarter and last eighth of the season. Nobody has been better over those stretches in the AL.


Here’s how all three compare over the second quarter based on numbers from Martin Manley:


And here’s the last eighth of the season:


On the other hand, Joe Posnanski is sticking to his guns that Greinke should have gotten the call, and it’s not exactly like the evidence isn’t there for his guy:

I would not trade him for any pitcher in baseball. Not one. He’s 25 years old with four great pitches and a growing sense of his own talents. There’s a hard reality here — if he pitched for Boston or New York or Chicago or, really, almost any place else, I suspect he would be starting the All-Star Game tonight.

Again, no offense to Halladay, but Greinke leads the league in ERA, complete games, shutouts, and he has won 10 games for the team that has scored the fewest runs in baseball.

I would have gone Greinke as well. But at least having Halladay on the mound will get his name out there. Haven’t heard much about the guy lately. You?

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