Kramer vs. Kremer

America’s frustration with NBC’s Olympic coverage is summed up in one beautiful sentence by Dutch gold medal-winning speed skater Sven Kramer.

“Are you stupid?”

After winning the 5,000-meter race last weekend, an event in which he just so happens to be the reigning world champion and world record holder, Kramer was approached by an NBC reporter, who asked for his name and country. You think Kramer was a bit offended?

The reporter sounds like Andrea Kremer (no relation), who is doing speed skating reporting for the network, and she does tell the skater that it’s for tape identification purposes. Still, couldn’t she whisper his name into the microphone before conducting the interview? Did Lindsey Vonn need to go through this process yesterday for ID purporses?


On the other hand, if in fact NBC assembled a team to cover an event which the individuals knew nothing about (again, he is the defending champion)…well I guess that’s not all that surprising.

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