Short hops

Because even I’m tired of ranting about NBC, bouncing around the room with a few items which may or may not be relevant…

– Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but in case you haven’t noticed, Special Agent Utah, we’re in the midst of a 50-year storm ’round here, the very reason we bottle up those carryover days and try to randomly predict which days are best to bag work before their expiration date. So far, so good.

– Riveting stuff coming out of Fort Myers this week. I’m not sure if the advent of Twitter makes spring training coverage better or worse. I mean, there’s only so much you can hear from 16 different sources about what color shoes a guy is wearing.


– We’re all hoping for a USA-Canada rematch come Sunday, but beating the Canadians twice for gold is going to be extremely difficult. Still, if it happens, please let’s not embarrass ourselves by labeling it a “Miracle on Ice” sequel. “Upset” is fine, “major upset” is probably more accurate, but to compare the 2010 pro edition to the 1980 team is a slap to what that moment stood for.

– In the end, I’ve enjoyed these Olympics if not exactly the TV aspect of it all. By forcing me to find other avenues by which to actually watch the Alpine events rather than pre-packaged fodder (one particular site has been a phenomenal go-to, with no shutdowns via the network police), NBC has opened up my evenings to enjoy other aspects of the games like curling. Actually my wife laughed at me when I told her I was thinking of checking out Broomstones, the curling club in Wayland. I told her I was serious and she laughed harder. Not sure how to take that.

– Someone over on the Teton Gravity Research boards raises the great idea of TGR inking Bode Miller for its next flick. Instant sell. Miller was actually in 2003’s “Journey”, a Warren Miller Production, and really the last, good Miller film. It was the first time he ever strapped on fat skis for a heli-trip in the backcountry. One wonders how Miller, a racer all his life, would adapt to an entirely different aspect of his sport. I’d pay to find out though, wouldn’t you?


– After worrying me in Week 2 (Kate-centric), “Lost” has been tremendous the last two weeks, particularly Tuesday.

– Look, I’m glad Mike Lowell can deal with his situation of being paid $12 million to become a part-time player, but really, what else should the Sox be expected to do here? They were going to have to pay $9 million of his salary in order to ship him to Texas and even that wasn’t good enough. He’s too valuable a bat to release, but a liability in the field. How many teams need a DH on the last weekend of February? We can applaud Lowell for not increasing any friction between him and the team, but the bottom line is he’s stuck here and the Red Sox are stuck with him, probably well into the season.

– The brothers fell out after Jay McGwire?s stepson, Eric, tickled Mark and caused Mark to spill coffee on himself. Mark then swatted Eric on the backside. Jay?s wife, Francine, then refused to attend Mark?s wedding.

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The freakshow circus that is Mark McGwire continues. There’s a lot happening in those 35 words. So, Mark’s nephew tickles him. He spills coffee on himself. Then he decides to spank the kid, sparking a rift between him and his brother’s family. Just try to visualize this scene taking place. The St. Louis Dispatch, by the way, used the word “reprimanded” when describing the incident. Cute.

– For Opening Day, NESN should fly Don and Jerry into Fenway on a sea plane. Ratings gold, don’t you think?

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