Put a hold on choke

Dear everyone,

Stop it.

Can the Celtics at least lose two games before summoning any languid comparison to the Bruins?

Unless Rajon Rondo’s hand is something to be seriously concerned about, please save any reference to David Krejci and the Bruins blowing a three-game lead over the Flyers. Just. Don’t.

The Celtics’ loss to the Magic Monday night in Game 4 is sparking a whole lot of stupid in people, perhaps none more so than this piece by Bill Bradley (No, the other one) in today’s Sacramento Bee entitled, “Are Boston Sports Fans Ready For More Misery?” I mean, I don’t know, did everybody bone up?

“For Boston sports fans, it has to be déjà vu. They were dealing with a troubling sports year when the NBA and NHL playoffs began. And then it got worse:”


Oh? Do tell, Bill.

“Their beloved baseball team, the Red Sox, the same team that won two World Series in the past six years, are 6 1/2 games behind the first-place Rays – and its not even Memorial Day.”

Well, thanks for looking at the standings, at least. But you might be surprised to know that while some boobs may have buried them with stunningly impeccable timing, the Red Sox have won seven out of their last eight with a sparkling run of starting pitching. A total antithesis of the mess they looked like in April and the early part of May, Boston is suddenly a cohesive unit that is playing the best way Theo Epstein could have envisioned. AND IT’S NOT EVEN MEMORIAL DAY.

“The Bruins suffered one of the worst collapses in NHL playoff history, squandering a 3-0 series lead over the Flyers. The Bruins had a 3-0 first-period lead in Game 7 and lost.”

We’re just going to skip this part if everyone is OK with that.

“And now folks in New England are getting nervous about the Celtics, who were up 3-0 in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals until Monday’s loss to the Magic. The Celtics are the 94th team to hold a 3-0 lead. The 93 teams before them went on to win the series. But at some point the streak is going to end. Boston knows about streaks, having endured 86 years of the ‘Curse of the Bambino.'”

I mean, the sun rises every day, but at some point the streak is going to end. That’s some keen statistical analysis there.

Nice cutting edge reference to the “Curse of the Bambino” though. Proves a real sense of the Boston sports fan’s mindset.

There’s a saying among Boston sports fans: You don’t expect bad things to happen; you wait for them.

Hey, look who came to join us: 1999.

I’d say more, but you get the point. Instead, enjoy these Canadian cows.  

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