Might Seguin be a better fit in Boston?

One has to wonder, even if Taylor Hall is the can’t-miss kid atop tonight’s NHL Draft, might the Bruins be better off with Tyler Seguin?

The contrast between the two players, who figure to go 1-2 tonight to Edmonton and Boston, one way or another, was on display yesterday in Anaheim, where the Edmonton Journal’s Dan Barnes described the scene as such: “A glib Tyler Seguin entertaining media with stories from his visit inside the [Oilers owner] Daryl Katz compound while a reserved Taylor Hall trod the same ground but with apparent reservation and a dearth of detail.”


The implication is Hall is all about business while Seguin is enjoying the spotlight (highlight of the day: posing with a Jessica Alba wax statue) in Los Angeles, site of the NHL Draft. And while personality simply can’t be the end-all in making a decision that will have long-term impact on the face of the franchise, it has to be considered, particularly in a city where fans have swallowed former talents whole.

Hall may be the more mature talent, but maybe Seguin’s personality is a better fit here, despite the fact that the Bruins are already loaded at center. I’m not adverse to the team shopping Marc Savard (and frankly, the way it all ended, maybe it’s the best for Savard to move on), but the Bruins better bring in another bona fide goal scorer if they wave goodbye to their best playmaker.

In any case, I’m not so sure that Hall to Edmonton is a slam-dunk. Here is what The Hockey Writers had to say on Seguin: “In comparing Tyler Seguin to projected first overall, Taylor Hall, one could argue Hall has been surrounded with substantially more talent than has Seguin. While I am still of a strong opinion that Hall is the clear cut #1 overall pick, one could argue that Seguin does more with less. Tyler Seguin possesses a dynamic skill-set and displays outstanding hockey intelligence. Tyler already plays in every situation with the OHL Plymouth Whalers. He displays a maturity on the ice well beyond his years.”


The Oilers have not tipped their hand one way or the other as to which way they’re leaning, but you figure it would have to be Hall, the more dynamic player over Seguin, the more dynamic personality. CNNSI.com’s Allan Muir doesn’t think so though. He’s got the Oilers taking Seguin No. 1 and Hall to Boston, Party Town, USA.

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