Yankees feeling ‘bulletproof?’

So it appears according to this Mike Vaccaro chap over at the New York Post, that the Red Sox and Rays are already playing for the wild card, with the Yankees tidily having secured the division and very likely another World Series title, all yesterday in Los Angeles.

Look around, and what do you see? You see a Red Sox team winning on muscle memory and little else, losing players every day, catcher Victor Martinez the latest to visit triage with a busted thumb. You see a Rays team that not long ago looked like the toast of the league, yet now can’t get out of its own way unless it’s to get in each other’s grill, as B.J. Upon and Evan Longoria did yesterday.

Unless you believe the Rangers are really as good as they’ve looked the past week beating up on the NL East, then there has to be very little that separates the Yankees from a full and enjoyable summer.

And let’s face it:

You win a game like this — a game that Torre wanted badly, which is why he pitched Broxton in a non-save situation — and you have the right to feel as bulletproof as the law allows. From now on, with Torre in their rearview mirror (and judging by how dysfunctional the Dodgers look, they won’t see them in October), the Yankees can worry about themselves, and themselves alone.

They’ll take that. They’ve already proven themselves fully capable of taking care of anyone else. Maybe everyone else.

I mean, that’s cute and all, especially considering the Yankees just went through a 5-5 stretch over their last 10 games, have a worse OPS than Oakland in June, and have scored just three more runs than the Royals this month. If that, as the Post headline suggests, is “Feeling bulletproof,” I’ll take my chances.



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