And at the top of SI’s NFL power rankings…the Jets?

They’re taking silly pills over at Sports Illustrated again.

I know, I know, they’re power rankings, which are just about as useful in determining which team is the NFL’s best as is listening to anything ESPN analyst Matt Millen has to say. Still, in a rare bout of insanity, Don Banks tells us he doesn’t normally buy into the hype, and then proceeds to slap down the credit card without remorse for his limit, slotting the New York Jets at No. 1.

Not in the AFC East. In the NFL.

Last week, Banks tabbed the Baltimore Ravens as the AFC team to beat. They’re ranked third behind No. 2 New Orleans. I, meanwhile, like the Packers to win it all, yet I have the Bengals No. 1 because, omigod, did you see they got TO?


The Patriots are 10th, which is either realistic, or a great stain on the face of humanity courtesy of Banks, depending on whether or not you work for the Patriots public relations firm of BSMW.

But let’s get back to the Jets, shall we? Here’s what Banks has to say after diving into the hype machine from which he normally strays:

With the Jets so clearly going all-in when it comes to their 2010 season, why not play along and add to the self-created pressure on which Rex Ryan and his players seem to thrive? Let’s see if they thrive on it this year. That’ll be the tricky part. Handling all the Super Bowl expectations that come with a roster built to win — and win big — now. Of this much we are certain: After the offseason personnel spree they went on, the Jets mercifully can’t trot out that tired no respect/underdog spiel they rode so far last season.

Wait a minute, is this reverse psychology?

In any case, congrats to the Jets, the NFL’s top team 24 hours prior to training camp. The inevitable implosion over/under starts at seven weeks. I’m going slightly over.



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