Bruschi lone voice of reason on ESPN

In the midst of yesterday’s stupidity on ESPN surrounding all things Brett Favre, there was Tedy Bruschi, standing as a lone beacon of sanity in daring to call out the other perpetrators (you know, besides his employer) in this whole nightmare: The Minnesota Vikings.

“If you went down there and you had to beg Brett Favre to come back to be a part of this team, I’ve lost respect for this team,” the former Patriots linebacker said on whatever show he was on that preempted other programming that presumably would have talked about Brett Favre anyway. “I don’t like what I’m hearing.”


“This would not happen in New England because they have a head coach that knows how to handle things like this.”

Afterward, Antonio Pierce’s goofy grin said something about how he coaxed Michael Strahan to come back prior to the 2007 season, and I thought Bruschi was going to go all Steven Slater on him. John Clayton then joined the crew, proving his gradual transformation into Major Arnold Toht, complete with face melting, is darned near completion.

Now, can we get the poor souls up in Minnesota a flashlight or something?

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