Youth movement

In the midst of everybody beating the whole “Is Roger Clemens still a Hall of Famer” debate into the ground last week, I caught Bill Plaschke on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” sheepishly admit that Clemens – and all those other evil cheaters in baseball – will eventually get into Cooperstown “because of the younger voters.” This, of course, is the horror for any member of the BBWAA: anybody under the age of 40. That and women.

Yes, those young whippersnappers with their rock music and access to the button. Bemoan the end of the Hall of Fame as we know it.

Personally, few things bore me more than the argument that the steroid era needs to be defined as such in Cooperstown with asterisks, especially since we have no such thing for the game prior to integration. But apparently this is the BBWAA’s solution to the whole thing: Excuse themselves from the table and put the matter in Generation X’s hands. And of course, Generation X is either too stupid or too rogue to handle the job appropriately, right Mr. Plaschke?


Still, until you can prove to me that all 292 members of the Hall of Fame never used any sort of performance-enhancing supplement and each any every one passes the BBWAA’s “character clause” (which we know can’t be the case seeing as Ty Cobb is inducted), then what’s the issue with letting in Clemens, Bonds, or anyone else accused of using steroids? Otherwise, let’s just continue to refer to Cooperstown for what it really is: “The Filtered Hall for Romanticizing a Game with an Ugly Past.” That’s probably too long to put on a T-shirt though.

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