Solving the mystery behind Brady’s Jersey plates

Still wondering about the New Jersey plates on Tom Brady’s Audi? Simple.

The Boston police report from the accident confirmed today that the owner of the car is in fact “VW Credit, Inc.,” which is the financial service arm of Volkswagen Group of America, based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Volkswagen is the parent company of Audi.

Audi confirmed that the $97,000 S8 model was a loaner from the company as a part of the agreement between Brady and the car company involving “Best Buddies,” a charity dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities. Audi is the official car of the charity, for whom Brady has served as honorary chairman the past few years.


According to USA Today’s auto blog, “Drive On,” “Loaners from Honda and Toyota often have California license plates, and the Detroit automakers come with Michigan plates.”

So, there. Mystery solved. By the way, points out: “If Tom Brady took out a car loan for his Audi, his monthly payments would be $1,938 on a four-year auto loan at 6 percent with a 20 percent down payment.” About to become the highest-paid player in the NFL, we think he can afford that.

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