Their end is the road

Second-half adjustments? Have there even been any lately?

A caller into the “Felger and Mazz” program yesterday afternoon brought up the troubling point that the Patriots have been outscored by a whopping margin of 116-41 over their last eight “true” road games, a stat that mind-boggingly includes a trio of second-half gooseggs.

You need to count the Tampa Bay game in London even though the road game was truly a neutral site? Fine. The margin is still 116-55 over nine games. They’re 2-7 on the road since the start of last season. One of those wins was at Wembley Stadium, the other in Buffalo. Feel better?


Here’s the proof


@Jets: 13-0
@Broncos: 10-0
@Buccaneers: 0-14*
@Colts: 21-10
@Saints: 14-7
@Dolphins: 12-7
@Bills: 7-3
@Texans: 21-14

@Jets: 18-0

Remember when Tom Brady made a name for winning games late? Can you even remember the last time the Patriots quarterback drove the field in the waning minutes of a game to lead his team to victory?

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