Your ‘Daily’ disaster

Anyone catch “NESN Daily” last weekend? Of course you didn’t.

In any case, the infamous mind-numbingly awful “sports” “highlight” show finally reached its nadir on Saturday, dedicating and disguising 25 of its 30 minutes as an informercial (sorry, Special Edition) for the racing team that John Henry continues to insist to force down your throat.

Following five minutes of Red Sox highlights and a quick preview of that “other” Sunday event (you know, Pats-Jets, pfft) viewers were sent downtown in front of Faneuil Hall for the story that really mattered. Before maybe 14-15 disinterested onlookers, the most uncomfortable TV tandem in the history of electronics proceeded to kiss the rears of Roush Racing Inc., Henry, and whatever NESN boss thought this transparent charade was a good idea. “I have an idea, let’s make this show even worse.”


It’s bad enough NESN already jettisoned any semblance of a highlight show in favor of whatever the cartoonish “NESN Daily” should be categorized as, but to use the forum as blatant advertising for one of the owner’s pet projects is about as disrespectful as it can be to its audience. For a network that increasingly breeds insolence, that is saying something.

It was indeed NESN’s “Decision” moment, the exact point that you can officially disregard the feeling that the network is willing to deliver the viewer any sort of objectivity or journalistic integrity. Not that they’re alone, of course. WEEI and the Sports Hub are both fairly vigorous in making sure the teams they broadcast are well at the forefront of discussion, though the latter should probably be forgiven for so much Bruins talk seeing how the former treated their fans like callers trying to bring up what Timmy did over the weekend in his soccer game. But this… This…

You would think a network with freefalling ratings for its Red Sox games this season might have a little more respect for its audience. NESN has proven that is not the case. 

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