Brady only 21 on NFL’s Top 100?

Being named the 21st-best player in NFL history isn’t so bad, depending on which 20 names will finish ahead of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady on the NFL Network’s “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players,” quarterbacks in particular. Football fans shouldn’t mind seeing guys like Montana and Elway finish ahead of Brady I’d imagine. But if the names Favre, Marino, or Manning finish anywhere within the realm of 1-20 (10 names are revealed each week; this Thursday night at 9 will feature Nos. 21-30), then we can preach injustice on the part of the show. Right?

Oh, never mind. The preview at the end of Brady’s profile for next week’s show, which will chronicle Nos. 11-20, includes one Brett Favre. Brett Favre. My holy, sweet, merciful cracker crumbs. Do we really need to go over this? Favre was 14-27 with two touchdowns in the one Super Bowl win that Desmond Howard handed to him. In the three titles he won, Brady was 71-107 with six touchdowns and two Super Bowl MVP trophies to boot. We should mention that it looks like Ray Lewis is also going to be featured within that realm of players, but at this point, we’ve already established the inanity of this list, so we won’t. If this show says Ray Lewis is a greater player than Tom Brady, I mean, who are we to argue?


As if that weren’t enough to enrage you, for whatever reason the NFL chose Derek Jeter to wax nostalgic about the greatness of Brady. On the bright side, there’s Cliff Lee.

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