Week 8 prediction roundup

Today’s Brett Favre-Danny La Russo moment comes in the midst of a report that Vikings head coach Brad Childress may decide to go with quarterback Tavaris Jackson in Sunday’s game against the Patriots, despite the fact that Favre yesterday shed the protective boot he had been wearing all week.

Will Favre practice today? Will he? Will he?

“I wouldn’t put anything past me to be honest with you,” he said.

Ego much? Cue Dwight Yoakam

I wouldn’t put it past me
I wouldn’t press my luck
If I were you I don’t believe
I’d take that chance with love


A big chance you’ll be taking
The wrong odds is what you’re staking us on
And any love you wind up making
Won’t pay back half of all we’ve lost

I wouldn’t play so boldly
Or push a sure thing too long
‘Cause your luck can get thin, bets not win
Then pretty soon love’s up and gone

So, I wouldn’t put it past me
I wouldn’t keep risking heartache
In any more games like these
‘Cause there’s a way to lose hard with every card
You’ll find out on your knees

This week’s picks:

Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Patriots 27, Vikings 23. “I say Brett Favre plays, and I say Tom Brady plays better.”

ESPN.com staff: Patriots across the board.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Patriots 24, Vikings 21. “Brett Favre has a bad ankle. He might not play. With or without him, I think the Vikings keep it close. The Patriots are playing better on defense, but I look for Adrian Peterson to have success running it. New England will counter with a lot of Tom Brady against a Minnesota defense that is 13th against the pass and hasn’t produced much of a pass rush. Patriots win, but it’s close — Favre or no Favre.”


CBS Sports.com staff: Patriots across the board.

Sporting News staff: Six out of seven pick the Patriots.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Patriots 30, Vikings 20. “Speaking of Favre, he’ll do his best to keep his ironman streak alive because this likely is his last chance to face off with Tom Brady. Maybe Brady’s hair will look better to Randy Moss from the visitors’ sideline.”

Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk.com: Patriots 35, Vikings 13. “Vikings coach Brad Childress has been talking lately. A lot. His words regarding the officiating in Sunday night’s loss to the Packers got him a $35,000 fine. His barbs directed at the Patriots and Bill Belichick could get Chilly a butt-whipping on par with the 31-7 defeat his team absorbed from Belichick and company four years ago. Brett Favre, who won’t play only if he can’t move, will be jumping on his “broke foot” when things go well, and he’ll be walking like John Wayne with hemorrhoids when things go poorly. Count on plenty of Rooster Cogburn on Preparation H sightings.”

Gregg Rosenthal, ProFootballTalk.com: Patriots 24, Vikings 14. “After the Patriots released Lawyer Milloy then lost to the Bills 31-0 to open the 2003 season, ESPN’s Tom Jackson said the “Patriots hate their coach.” Three weeks after New England traded Randy Moss to Minnesota, it’s the Vikings that seem to hate their coach. The rest of the country hates Brett Favre, who seems to know it and wear it on his face during every depressing press conference. This is the week Moss begins to realize how good he had it in Foxborough.”


Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Patriots 28, Vikings 20. “Randy Moss’ homecoming game went off bet-boards because Brett Favre’s 291-game regular-season starting streak is in legitimate jeopardy (though the drop to Tarvaris Jackson ain’t that steep). The bet? You’re always safe at home with Tom Brady.”

Globe staff: New England across the board. (Patriots by six).

Boyce Garrison, San Diego Tribune: Patriots. “Just the mention of Tarvaris Jackson makes bettors shiver.”

Pete Schrager, Foxsports.com: Patriots 34, Vikings 21. “If Brett Favre’s consecutive start streak actually does end on Sunday, the conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day. I can hear the theorists now: The Sterger stuff gets a little too hot, Roger Goodell pulls Favre aside, tells him to take a few games off, rest the ankle, let things cool down a bit in the media, have this story go away … Hey, I’m not saying I believe any of that, I’m just warning you that you’ll hear it. The Pats should be able to handle the Vikings, whether it’s Favre or Tarvaris Jackson under center. “

Dave Goldberg, NFL FanHouse: Patriots 23, Vikings 20. “Maybe Brett Favre will play, and maybe he won’t. If he does play, he’ll be hobbled, so Tarvaris Jackson may be the better choice in any event for Randy Moss’ return to Foxborough. Probably doesn’t matter.”

USA Today staff: Patriots across the board.

Yahoo! sports staff: New England across the board.

We like: Patriots 42, Vikings 7. Is there any other coach Bill Belichick would receive delight in annihilating more than Brad Childress?

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