To market, to market

I’m confused.

In a recent overseas interview regarding the NESV acquisition of Liverpool, Red Sox owner John Henry said the following: 

I think you might be surprised at the actual number of Red Sox fans around the world. Essentially we aren’t allowed to market outside of New England and that has always been disappointing to us. It was one of the reasons we were attracted to the Premier League. The best way to market Liverpool FC globally is to win because, as you point out, the fanbase is already so large globally. If we build the right team on the field, everything off the field will take care of itself. We also have a very strong commercial team that arrived over the past couple of years lead by Ian Ayre. Ian and his team have already made great strides. We will be working to give him the resources to expand the LFC presence globally.

While that’s a clear admission that Red Sox fans will be force fed treated to Liverpool news, promotions, and merchandise, what exactly does Henry mean by not “allowed to market outside of New England?” Obviously, NESN’s territorial rights to Red Sox games have MLB restrictions, but didn’t the network recently launch nationally in Florida, Michigan, and North and South Carolina? Granted, the games aren’t included in those packages, but “NESN Daily” isn’t a marketing tool? Roush Racing sure thinks it is


Of course, there’s also the $51 million posting fee for a certain Japanese pitcher which bought a whole new fan base in Japan. 

And this guy, a Liverpool “KOP” who is doing his best to help support the Red Sox brand across the Atlantic.

I’m no marketing major, but even considering the evil presence of MLB revenue sharing, if you are selling your brand to markets outside of New England, isn’t that marketing outside of New England?

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