Cashman slings drinks in Manhattan pub

Is it just me, or with the bandana, does Brian Cashman look a little like Lane Meyer in the “Better Off Dead” scene where he tries to hang himself?

Of course, there is the theory that’s precisely what he’s trying to do to himself in New York, saying on Tuesday that he envisions “Gold Glove” shortstop Derek Jeter moving to the outfield before the end of his contract (sacrilege), and that the Red Sox are better than the Yankees at this juncture. That’s like opening a deep dish parlor next to Sal’s.

I have to say, I’m starting to like this “rogue” Cashman, scaling buildings and slinging drinks during his offseason. Cashman tended bar at Foley’s in midtown Manhattan for three hours last night, helping raise money for prostate cancer research and he seems much looser than he’s ever been.


“I served a Mets fan and a Red Sox fan and I left plenty of head on those beers,” he said.

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