Matt Cooke, the sympathetic victim

For today’s dose of crazy we go north of the border, where Hockey News columnist Adam Proteau (@Proteautype) caused a bit of a stir last night in Boston with the following Tweets on the THN’s Twitter feed:






While Proteau’s overall assessment that game’s culture allows Cooke to be a dirty player is a fair one, he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, or at least backtracking. When you utter an inane statement like “Matt Cooke has been victimized, too,” you should be prepared to take on the ensuing criticism. Proteau has got Cooke looking like some sort of mind-melted mummy, impervious of free thought. The NHL has brainwashed him into being a headhunter. Well, then head shots for everybody.  


But you know, maybe he’s right. After all, after watching this again, you kind of feel for Cooke, don’t you? Poor scapegoat and all.

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