Name game

We may never know if Jesus Christ can hit a curve ball, but thanks to SB Nation’s Jon Bois, we now delightfully know that Beer can apparently throw one, as Beer went 7-9 for the Lancaster Lanks in 1910. Really, Beer. Beer had a little trouble with the bat though, managing just a .123 average. 

The keepers of baseball’s historical records refuse to leave any bit of the game’s history, no matter how incomplete or trivial, undocumented. When some guy named Beer pitched 19 games for the Lancaster Lanks in 1910, he had no reason to believe that 101 years later, we would be viewing his records on something called the Internet.

Or was Beer really a “he?” We have very little information about Beer. Perhaps, as Mr. Jacobi suggested to me, the manager simply cracked open a can of beer and set it on the pitching rubber. Did they have cans in those days? Perhaps it was a paper carton, or a lid-less clay cup which was, like all other beers of the time, filled at the brewery and then gingerly carried for hundreds of miles to avoid spillage.

Great collection of odd baseball names. Arquimedez Pozo Awards for all.


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