Twelve things about Super Bowl XLV

Because 45 are too many, and far too cliché…

The lack of seats story was so underplayed by Fox, that it just further goes to show you how in bed the networks are with the owners. Besides a quick, pregame mention on the inexcusable oversight, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman neglected the story, no doubt via orders from league head honchos. And does the NFL really think that refunding three times the ticket price is a suitable solution to the problem? That’s $2,400, figuring you bought the ticket at face value. Face value at the Super Bowl. That’s rich. In fact, CNBC sports business fella Darren Rovell pointed this morning that the average – average – cost of a ticket on Stubhub was $3,559. Never mind the cost of hotel, transportation, and the ability to boast you were at America’s biggest sporting event. We’re going to guess that’s all a little more than $2,400. These people should get all-expense paid trips to Indianapolis next year (Update 10:11 a.m.: Goodell said this morning they will go as guests of the NFL) – assuming there is a season. Until then, assume lawyer offices are busy answering the phones today.


Other things Buck and Aikman didn’t mention: Brett Favre’s name. Hope you bet the under.

Six degrees: This is the first time the NFC has won back-to-back Super Bowls since Super Bowls XXX-XXXI. Coincidentally, it was the Packers beating the Patriots in 1997 the year after the Super Bowl went to Dallas, where Green Bay won its fourth franchise title last night. The Cowboys, of course, beat Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XXX.

Boy, Roger Staubach was the epitome of joy, last night wasn’t he? The Hall of Fame quarterback looked like a guy headed for death row when presenting the Lombardi Trophy, deftly trying to avoid a receiving line of Packers trying to get a feel for the hardware they had just won. Then, he gets to the stage, where an awkward conversation occurs between him and Roger Goodell. Staubach insisted he hand the trophy over to Roger Goodell. “I’m supposed to give it to you, Roger,” he said. “I gotta get out of here.” But, oh that smooth criminal, Rog, he simply brushes it off. Odd exchange. 

Does John Madden text “boom” in all caps, an exclamation point, or both?

The primary thing that struck me about Cameron Diaz feeding ARod popcorn was, “Thank God it’s not Tom and Gisele that got caught doing that.” The secondary thing that struck me was muffled by laughter.


Actual Facebook post last night: “Could we just get to the new Glee episode please!! Some of us really don’t even CARE about football….” De-friend.

I’ll say this about last night’s halftime show: I despise the Black Eyed Peas, so using my analysis of the performance would be unfairly biased. Still, the majority seem to agree with the show’s stinkitude. But to be fair, the Globe’s Shalize Manza Young, who was at the game, defended the halftime show last night on Twitter, saying there may have been a difference of opinion based on TV feed/watching it live. In fact, my wife said the same thing about the Rolling Stones’ widely-panned performance at Super Bowl XL, which she attended in Detroit. To this day, she maintains that they were amazing, though that feel didn’t exactly come across the tube. It didn’t exactly come across in their lame show at ye olde Foxboro Stadium in 1997, but to each…

Liked the Chrysler commercial a lot. But the VW spot is an all-timer.

According to my wife, Adrien Brody is not sexy. Thankfully, she didn’t ask what I thought about the Kim Kardashian commercial.

When the clock struck 0:00, was there one baseball writer who failed to Tweet, “Hey, it’s officially baseball season!” last night? Sorry, six weeks of stretching in the sun and playing meaningless split-squad games doesn’t exactly equate “baseball season” for me. It’s still hockey and basketball seasons anyway. Check back with me in April. Until then, it’s still not all about you. 


March 4 is Evan Dando’s birthday. That had better be the only reason we mention it.

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