Black and gold gloves

And you say the Lakers are in town tonight?

Maybe that will provide enough time to digest what happened at the Garden last night between the Bruins and Canadiens, but I doubt it. How big a game was Boston’s beatdown of rival Montreal? They actually broke it down at some length on ESPN Radio early this morning. That’s like NPR bringing you the latest from Lindsay Lohan’s court case.

What Bruins fan hasn’t already circled March 8 and 24 on his or her calendar already? Two showdowns remain vs. the Canadiens this season, with the Habs currently nipping at the blades of Boston in the Northeast Division. A Montreal win last night would have tied Boston for third in the Eastern Conference, where the Bruins reside with 69 points. Clearly, it was a game with potential playoff implications and in the end, there were 192 penalty minutes accounted for. At one point, the Bruins’ penalty box looked like the rear of a B line car at the peak of the morning commute.


Admittedly, some were not so impressed.


In case you missed the game, I hope that new Matthew Perry show was worth it…


Oh, Bruins won. 8-6. Film at 11. 

Red Wings on Saturday. Lakers-Celtics tonight. What exactly was that again about everybody saying it was officially baseball season on Sunday night? 

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