Chat wrap: Opening Day At Last edition

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Rangers Ballpark is no Fenway, but it will serve just fine for today’s purposes. Red Sox Opening Day is here, even if it’s there, against the defending AL champs.

(Weird to be reminded that the Rangers won the pennant last year. Wonder if Terry Cashman will be part of their festivities: “This is for Oddibe Ballgame/This is for Bump Wills, too . . .”)

All right, I’m done being a patronizing jerk to the team that actually made the playoffs last season. Click the replay button below to relive our chat about Sox-Rangers and everything else on your sports-addled mind.

(Also, today’s media column, leading with Dave O’Brien’s contract extension that assures he will remain on Red Sox radio broadcasts for at least the next three seasons beyond this one, can be found here.)


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