Diamond in the rough

Not to play alarmist, but there were some seriously disconcerting developments yesterday.

You know, they played “Sweet Caroline” during Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Manchester City at Anfield yesterday. Welcome to hell, felllas.

Meanwhile, in the Fens last night, Daisuke was being Daisuke. The Red Sox are now 2-8, the same six games below .500 they were last Friday before getting their first win of the season. Boston’s league-worst 7.29 ERA is more than a run and a half worse than Detroit, and the staff has still only seen two quality starts over the first four games. The Sox have allowed 93 hits, worst in the AL, 189 total bases, worst in the AL, and the opposition is getting on base at a .363 clip, worst in…well, you get the picture. In other disturbing news, John Lackey gets the start tomorrow night coming off his “win” against the Yankees on Opening Day. The only question about his performance is whether he’ll surrender more excuses or hits.


But hey, it’s April. Plenty of time to fix what ails the bumbling favorites. Not for our poor blokes overseas. I fear for the good citizens of Anfield. As we know, there’s no coming back from that atrocity.

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