Simulation engine predicts Bruins will win Stanley Cup

Good news or bad news?

After simulating the 2011 NHL Playoffs 1,001 times using current rosters and statistics, is predicting that the Boston Bruins will win the 2011 Stanley Cup by beating the Vancouver Canucks in a seven-game final series.

According to the simulations, the Bruins won their opening-round matchup against the Canadiens 96.3 percent of the time. In the second round, Boston won 78.12 percent of the time, and 58.74 percent of the time in the conference finals. Boston and Vancouver both won by similar rates in the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Bruins being just a shade better.

The Bruins get past the Penguins four games to one in the conference semifinals, according to most of the simulations, and enact sweet revenge on the Flyers in a six-game conference final series.


Before you get too giddy, please note that the system picked the Washington Capitals to win the Cup last year. Of course, they fell to the Canadiens in a first-round upset. Also, the simulation does not take coaching into account. Just pointing that out.

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