Montreal columnist takes aim at Boston’s ‘sore winners’

Calling Bruins players, fans, and media “sore winners” from a town where they loot and riot after a first-round playoff victory is rich.

Nevertheless, that’s the stance of Montreal Gazette columnist Dave Stubbs, who channeled his stream of Twitter criticisms yesterday, a day after Boston dispatched the Canadiens in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, into today’s column, “Sore winners in Beantown.”

Stubbs takes aim at an unnamed columnist, Jack Edwards, goalie Tim Thomas for his accurate criticism of the diving PK Subban, and Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference, who seemingly gets the brunt of Stubbs’ frustration.

There was the up-yours middle digit Ference flipped Bell Centre fans in Game 4, later explaining it in a fashion that would have made Pinocchio blush. That was followed by Ference’s Game 7 high shoulder hit on Jeff Halpern, a headhunting behind the play hit that levelled the Canadien. It was cause for great joy among Bruins fans, at least those who weren’t responding with verbal abuse, charging Halpern with a dive when he didn’t require a stretcher and returned to action too soon for their liking.


Who knew a shrug of the shoulders could be a headhunting play?

At no point does Stubbs defend the actions of Montreal’s international diving team, which must, of course, mean we here in Boston are delusional when it comes to watching the game. Because anyone in Montreal will tell you that we’ll never understand hockey to the level that they do. If that means a total disrespect for your opponent and their country, which gave you half your squad in the first place, and playing the game at a gutless level, then maybe that’s just fine.

On a related note, another headline on the Gazette’s sports page this morning: “World’s best divers to make a splash in Montreal.” Maybe they’ll have better luck.

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