Short hops

Quick hits while wondering if Kevin Millwood can fill three spots in the rotation…

– I wouldn’t concern yourself too much about trying to get Mike Calta’s employer to suspend the creep for his racist, homophobic, and just downright inhuman tactics against the Bruins’ marketing staff. Based on the WHPT web site, this Tampa Bay radio station is one step above Family Radio on the obtuse gauge. Florida. 

 – Any question now why Patrice Bergeron is the most valuable player on this team? As he goes, so do the Bruins. And that guy in net ain’t so bad either. 


 – Lightning fans.

 – The Red Sox are reportedly still playing, and doing quite well we’re told, with the Cubs coming into town this weekend, a series we’ve waited for since 1918, and stopped caring about since 2004.

 – The Bruins have won 10 of their last 12 playoff games. The last time they went through such a postseason stretch was during the 1990 playoffs, when Boston went 2-1 to close out the Whalers in the quarterfinals, 4-1 against the Canadiens in the semis, and then it swept the Capitals in the Eastern Conference Finals. Then the Bruins played the Oilers. Doo, doo, doo. 

 – Somebody needs the Jack Edwards alarm clock.

 – It’s cute that is pretending like there’s actual football to discuss.

 – And here I was always thinking a “major league source” was code for “I made it up.” Who knew?

 – The news that Dick Ebersol resigned from NBC yesterday shouldn’t have come as a shock. Those who watched it on Wednesday night knew what had happened for hours.

 – I know time moves slow in Florida, but has had the same story about parking tickets up on its home page since Sunday. Well done.

 – Tyler Seguin may have become the newest Jacoby Ellsbury in 20 heart-stopping minutes Tuesday night, but I don’t and won’t care. 


 – Why do I have the overwhelming fear Tom Werner is going to recruit Ebersol to work on Yawkey Way?

 – Just because the poor guy came under so much fire this week, we present his finest work. 

 – These Rapture people sound crazier than Jack after coming back from the island. 

  – Saturday: Bruins, 1:30. Sox, 7 p.m., productivity, nil.

Oh, and the Rapture at 6. Darn it, that’s going to spoil dinner plans. Have a good weekend nonetheless, even if Hale-Bopp or whatever other event every purple Nike-wearing lover thinks is going to afflict us. Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

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