Vancouver fans think Horton ‘bears some responsibility’

If you thought Tony Amonte’s commentary about the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton after last night’s game was a bit odd, then you probably shouldn’t be shocked about what they’re saying about it in Vancouver.

Amonte, who called the blast a “gray area” on Comcast’s post-game coverage, isn’t alone in his assessment, as, shocker, almost 42 percent of Vancouver Province readers voted the following in an online survey: “Was bad, but Horton bears some responsibility. Rome should get one game.”

Horton bears responsibility? Of course.

Nearly 22 percent did vote “Was deplorable. Rome should be gone for the rest of the playoffs,” so we assume Bruins fans know how to make their way to the Province web site. Nearly 18 percent voted “Should garner a two- or three-game suspension” and almost 20 percent said, “Shouldn’t be penalized any further.” Almost 70 percent believe Rome should be gone for the rest of the series in our own survey.


Guess here is two games. The Canucks should probably hope for at least that, as if Rome doesn’t get a suspension, they’re going to fear what Shawn Thornton might have in his bag of tricks for Game 4. (In a related note, the moron who suggested last night on Twitter that Daniel Paille would have been a better scratch than Tyler Seguin has been sent to his room without any post-game snack. Tool.)

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