Of pay cuts and arrogance

Well, Mike Lowell sure doesn’t sound like he thinks Jerry Remy was kidding.

Two days after a NESN open microphone caught the Red Sox analyst calling the former Red Sox third baseman an “arrogant athlete,” Lowell went on the Dan LeBatard show yesterday and was asked about the incident that took place Saturday night.

“Me and Jerry get along really well, so I’d like to think it was a joke, but…we’ll leave it at that,” Lowell said.

“We’ll see. Maybe more drama in the next week.”

You can hear the audio here. Lowell is asked about the incident starting at the 1:35 mark. (H/T to the Sons at Sam Horn folks for finding it.)


Remy’s comments could have stemmed from Lowell’s appearance in the booth Friday night after he threw out the first pitch prior to the Sox-Mariners contest. Don Orsillo asked Lowell if TV work might be in his future. Lowell brushed off the possibility, reasoning that he would have to take a “pay cut.” That seemed to lead to a tense moment in the booth as Lowell tried to backpedal.

The next night, NESN cameras caught Lowell waving to the crowd, prompting Remy to grumble, “Go home.”

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