Short hops

Bouncin’ around the room while wondering when Gisele is going to get that kid some pants…

-Carl Crawford is getting a lot of grief for being Carl Crawford, which was inevitable based on the dollar signs, but August is actually shaping up to be one of his best months of the season. His .730 OPS is second only to May’s .810 and June’s .761 when he only had 54 at bats.

-Should the Sox be happy with settling with the wild card? Let’s put it this way: Boston has lost 16 of its last 22 games against the Rangers (Optimist: They’ve won 6 of 22!). Anything but the division crown is a major disappointment.


-Two months after watching the Bruins celebrate their Stanley Cup victory on Vancouver ice, Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo said he wishes he hadn’t made his infamous comments about Tim Thomas following the Bruins’ Game 5 loss.

“If I could do it again, I wouldn’t say it,” Luongo said in a recent interview with “I didn’t want to create the buzz that it did. After the fifth game, I had never been so emotional and I got carried away.”

Flat tires, I guess.

-Here, according to Pro Football Reference are the quarterbacks that Giants star Eli Manning is most similar to in his career: David Garrard, Jake Delhomme, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Pennington, Stan Humphries, Tony Romo, Aaron Brooks, Daryle Lamonica, and Doug Williams. Someone missing?

To be fair, the Tom Brady comparison does come up randomly in various years of his career, but when you throw 25 interceptions (TWENTY-FIVE), sorry, that goes out the window. Then again, what else is he going to say?

-If you’re not following @NotCoachTito on Twitter, you’re missing some high entertainment.

-Dan Pompei got a lot of criticism for his piece suggesting that Chad Ochocinco (who won’t be) and/or Albert Haynesworth (who might be) could be cut prior to the season in a move that would signal to the other players what kind of team Bill Belichick wanted in New England. Still, the day they gave up a fifth-rounder for Haynesworth, one of my initial thoughts was that he wouldn’t play a down here. So far, so good.


-I can’t wait until next year when we can get all sanctimoniously stupid about Little Leaguers on TV all over again.

-Delonte West filled out an application to work at Home Depot during the NBA lockout? The dude’s made $14,093,519 in his career.

-Am I the only one not getting this NESN Nation business?

-Going to be in D.C. this weekend, where the Phillies happen to be taking on the Nationals. But, yeah, sorry, Washington, I’m not paying $42.50 in service charges.

-Lowest-priced ticket on Stubhub for the Bruins’ season opener against Philadelphia is $259. Lowest for the Jan. 7 matinee against Vancouver is $100.

-My wife is surprising me on Sept. 17 for our wedding anniversary, and I’m half-hoping she’s taking me to Drew Bledsoe’s Patriot Hall of Fame induction.

-Signs you have children, No 546: Logged onto my Netflix account the other day to discover I’ve had “The Town” since Jan. 11.

-Few moments made me happier this week than the promo for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returning next  month. Few made me more frustrated than enduring yet another lackluster “Rescue Me.”

-John Lackey or Erik Bedard as the No. 3 playoff starter? I say Bedard, but I’m often accused of falling in love with the shiny, new toy. On the other hand, John. Lackey.

-If there’s any justice at all, during the next homestand, Carl Beane will introduce Dustin Pedroia as “Dusty Two Sacks,” Fred Toucher’s brilliant nickname for the lad. Not that the Muddy Chicken isn’t good, it’s that it’s…well, awful.


-Be safe, kids. Randy Cross invades your living room tonight. Hide the werewolves. 

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